Thursday, October 6, 2011

So there I am, standing outside a student's house....

......knocking on their door. No answer. I pull out my phone and call them, only to find out, they're out of town. Funny thing is, the night before, a small thought entered my mind to text them and see if they were going to be home for their piano lesson. Why in the world would I even question such a thing? Why would that thought enter my mind?

Everyone wants to be cared about. They want someone to care about the small things. Not just the big and exciting things. To understand, or at least try. Everyone wants a reminder that says 'Hey, I thought of you today, and just wanted you to know'. Most people get too wrapped up in their busy to remember to remind loved ones of that though. But God doesn't. The depth of just how much He cares never ceases to overwhelm me.

Similar situations have happened to me a lot. Driving to a student's house unnecessarily is a small thing. Yet, He cares so much, He tried to protect me from that. Did I listen? Psh, of course not ;P. But that's ok, because it ended up being a blessing.

He reminded me just how much He cares.

He reminded me that He's thinking of me, protecting me, and caring about every detail.

Even the very smallest.

So never forget. Never stop listening. He cares. Even if we can't always see it.

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  1. Love this :)
    And yes, it certainly is true.
    I love you too, beautiful :)