Monday, October 31, 2011


I have mixed feelings about Halloween. A part of me feels it's a great opportunity to let kids dress up and be whatever they want to be for a night. Whether that be a fairy, a ninja, a princess, or whatever! I love seeing people dressed up :) It satisfies my inner child ;)

But then another part of me is disturbed. This year I was driving through the neighborhood I nanny in and was honestly shocked by the gruesome scenes displayed in various yards. I was talking about it with the boy I nanny and his response was 'yeah, well, there is another yard that's much worse and it's really scary'.

What's the motive behind all this? Is Halloween just to freak little kids out? Personally, I'm not ok with that. If older kids and adults want to be completely terrified, that's there decision. But children have no choice in the matter. They run up to each house excited about the outcome, only to run back screaming and crying.

This year, Halloween has been put in a new light for me. It can be fun and innocent, for sure, but it can also be disturbing for the innocent.

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  1. I'm very torn on the whole Halloween thing myself. I dressed up and did trick or treating as a child and it never messed me up. So I'm not too concerned about my children experiencing it, however I do have a problem with the evil side of it. The witches, the death, the blood, the zombies, the gore. Can't we just have a fun holiday for dressing up and trick or treating when we decorate with cute pumpkins and scarecrows? Does it have to be gory and scary? Thanks for letting me say my peace as a mother of young girls. :-) You have a lovely blog here.

    *nice to connect with you thru vB.