Thursday, October 27, 2011

Challenges with patience

There are many challenges to any job. Some days can be fabulous, and others a huge test of ones patience. I work as a part-time nanny. It's a job I love. I love my kids and being a part of their life. I love helping them with homework and watching them grow. They're awesome kids and make my days so much brighter.

But, as with any job, not all days are amazing. There are ups and there are downs. A roller coaster. You can't predict what the next day will bring. What challenges you will face.

Something I've really learned though, is that no matter what sort of day I'm having, I have to still be just as patient and just as calm with them as I would be on a good day. Which for me, has been an incredible challenge. Patience isn't something that comes naturally to me. Especially when kids are yelling and arguing.

Nannying has been such a great opportunity for me to grow. To learn to be more stable and go with the flow. It's showing me my flaws and my weaknesses on a daily basis. That's definitely not something I particularly enjoy seeing. But sometimes the hardest things are the best things. It's helping me grow more into the woman God wants me to be and it's allowing me to learn exactly what it means to allow Him to live through me.


  1. I most certainly agree! I've been there many times with my boys too......
    As my mom often reminds me - if I find myself "running out" of patience, it's probably because I'm tapping into the wrong source of patience (myself). The patience of the Holy Spirit is available in unending supply :)